Bridge Constructor

Event: Bridge Constructor

The event will consist of 2 Rounds: a)  First Round: Quiz-Picto-Mania

  1. b) Second Round : Pont- Bâtiment

Rules For Quiz-Picto-Mania:

  1. This round will contain a quiz based on current affairs, general knowledge with logo, and Historical Architectural identification (pictorial form).
  2. The quiz will contain 15 questions :
    1. 5 Questions: Current Affairs and General Knowledge (1 mark each).
    2. 5 Questions:  Historical Architectural IdentificationPIctorial (2 marks each).
    3. 5 Questions: Pictorial test of the logo (2 marks each).
  3.  The quiz will be in the form of multiple-choice questions and will be time bounded i.e Each Question will have a time limit.
  4. A platform for quizzes will be  Kahoot.

Result: On the basis of the Results of the Quiz-Picto-Mania Round we will select the top 15 participants for our Mega Round i.e  Pont Bâtiment.

Note: In case of a tie between participants the least incorrect answer will be considered.

Rules For Pont-Bâtiment

  1. All the participants will be given three days to complete the project.
  2. We will provide a list of 25 things from which participants have to use a minimum of 10 things and a maximum of 25 things enlisted.
  3. Participants cannot use anything that is not enlisted in the materials given below, if anything is used outside the enlisted material, the bridge model will not be considered.

Note: Participants can use anything other than 25 things listed present at their home due to Lockdown but a maximum of 25 only.

  1. During the model-making process, participants have to click 10 photos of the model showing the progress of the project.
  2. A list of materials that participants have used is to be submitted in a PDF file.
  3. Participants will be provided with Google Form for Submission where they have to upload those photos in the form of PDF.
Position Name C.R.N. College Name
1st Hunarpreet Singh 2030106 GNDEC,Ldh.
2nd Riya Sharma 1914149 GNDEC,Ldh.
3rd Sharanjit Kaur 1914150 GNDEC,Ldh.
Name  C.R.N. URN Year
Shiv Pratap Dubey 1914105 1904925 2nd Year
Saurav Sagar 1914102 1904919 2nd Year
Ritik Kumar Bind 1914088 1904904 2nd Year
Prateek Kant 1914083 1904893 2nd Year
Nikhil  1914079 1904890 2nd Year
Ritik Sagar Nishad 1914089 1904905 2nd Year
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