FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

ACES is a departmental society and it is managed by the students of the civil department. Students work under the guidance of experienced professors of CIVIL engineering Department.

More than 10 years old

ACES provides students with a platform to explore their abilities and knowledge through curricular and extracurricular activities such as: 

Organizing training programs, seminars, and workshops on cutting-edge technology to improve students’ technical skills.

Regularly conducting technical Quizzes/Competitions enriches and empowers the minds of students.

Every Civil engineering student of Guru Nanak dev engineering college is a member of ACES. But to become an Active member in ACES students need to give interviews.

ACES recruits students every year after starting off the new session, we will notify the students when we will held our Interviews

But you can fill out a form for midterm membership here

No fee is charged to become an Active member in ACES.

But there is an Rs. 100 fee for all the civil engineering students of GNDEC which is charged to enrich the functioning of ACES.

To join ACES, students must be a part of the civil engineering department of GNDEC. 

Organizing technical and non-technical events to help students enhance their leadership skills.

ACES regularly organize various Technical and Techno-Fun events like:-

  • Group Discussion 
  • Debates 
  • Extempore
  • Quiz
  • Seminars/Webinars
  • Technical competitions
  • Bridge Modeling and much more 

For students’ overall growth, we promote active engagement and encourage them to plan remarkable activities, which prepares them for the professional world.

Well apart from improving your interpersonal skills, ACES will also groom you professionally by organizing webinars that are related to the field of civil engineering. The active members of ACES get a chance to organize such events and they also get a chance of one-to-one interaction with the speaker.

ACES has different departments like: – 

  1. Creative Department
  2. Content creation
  3. Marketing and Promotion
  4. Strategic Department
  5. Event Management
  6. Database Department

Aces will help you to grasp the following qualities in you:-

  • Time management
  • Team management
  • Event management
  • Technical Skills (like: – web development, Designing flyers, Content creation, software, etc.)
  • Soft Skills (leadership, communication, etiquettes, Problem-Solving Skills, Teamwork, etc. )
  • Exposure to Civil engineering field
  • Exposure to Cooperate world

ACES expects the active participation of its members in various activities such as proposing an event, organizing events, attending and organizing webinars, etc.

Vision of ACES

ACES aims to Create and maintain a learning environment to produce Civil engineers who shall maintain professional integrity to serve the society with knowledge and skills. It will also be helping in building a harmonious environment for the students of our college to learn and grow along with having fun with new ideas, innovations, events, seminars and opportunities.


Mission of ACES

  • To become a society that brings out students with high technical competencies and promotes high-end research to meet the current and future challenges in their lives.
  • To impart knowledge with emphasis on the development of leadership qualities in students.
  • To enrich the academic, personal and professional growth in students & to find what they're best in. 
  • To empower practicing engineers with the state-of-the-art technology to meet the growing challenges of the field.

  1. Event management Department- It'll be handling all the event-related work like taking permissions and all. Maintaining discipline during the event. Coordinating with various departments and carrying out the work smoothly.

  2. Marketing and promotions department- It'll handle all the promotion-related work. Increasing the reach and participation of events entirely depends upon this department.

  3. Creativity Department- It'll be responsible for creating all the flyers, videos, posters, etc.

  4. Content Department- It'll be responsible for providing the content for promotional messages, emails, flyers, Instagram posts, etc.

  5. Strategy Department- It'll be responsible for providing a strategy for the event to carry out all the work smoothly. This department will be the first one to start working on an event. All the other departments will work according to the strategy provided by this department. The strategy will include the deadlines for various departments to complete their work and other instructions also.

  6. Database Department- It'll be responsible for maintaining a record of all the data of various events. All the photos, videos, google forms, etc. data is maintained by this department.