Chatur Naar

In this situation of pandemic Association of civil engineering students (ACES) organized a virtual Quiz competition named “EK CHATUR”. It was a three-round event, conducted on 26th August,2021. The event was conducted using Google form (timed quiz) where all participated in a mind refreshing quiz competition with great  enthusiasm. Total registrations were 88.

The first round ‘Chalak Chatur’ held from 4:00 PM to 4:16 PM. The second round  ‘Mysterious Chatur’ held from 4:20 PM to 4:41 PM. The third round ‘Intelligent  Chatur’ was conducted from 4:45 PM to 5:05 PM. The results were declared at 8 PM on the ACES official Instagram (@gndec_aces) The winners were decided according  to the maximum total marks in three rounds of quiz and the minimum time taken to  attempt all three quizes. 

Position Name Department URN
1st AMRIT PAL SINGH Computer Science Engineering 1815309
2nd GURLEEN KAUR Computer Science Engineering 1915027
3rd MAYANK THAKUR Computer Science Engineering 1815048
Name  Year  URN
Ritik Sagar  D3  1904905
Sidhant Jindal  D3  1904930
Sarvanshdeep Singh Sahota  D3  1904917
Ritik Dogra  D3  1904903
Mehakdeep Singh Sandhu  D3  1904884
Ananya  D3  1904816
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