Durability of Concrete

Keeping in view the importance of sustainability and longevity of structures, Civil  Engineering Department of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana  organised a webinar on ‘Durability of Concrete on 26th May,2021 in association with  JK Cement Ltd.

Coordinator, Prof. Yuvraj Singh, while addressing the participants said that, it is vital  to look into details and factors affecting the durability of concrete in order to promote  sustainability and to avoid huge repair and maintenance losses resulting due to poor  construction practices leading to early deterioration of structures. 

The expert from J K Cement, Mr. Vikas Malhotra enlightened the participants by  sharing his in-depth knowledge. Besides the detailed talk on the properties and  behaviour of concrete, he also discussed the merits of using PPC over OPC. He  emphasised on using fly ash in cement manufacturing in order to address the  environmental concerns. Furthermore, he highlighted the potential of construction  industry in developing countries like India. 

Over 200+ participants consisting of students, faculty and professionals from industry  registered for the webinar. The session was live streamed at YouTube besides it being  hosted at Google Meet. Followed by the webinar, an Online Quiz was conducted to  evaluate the takeaway from the session. 

Dr. Jagbir Singh, while addressing the attendees’ mentioned the importance and  relevance of this topic to ensure the quality construction. Highlighting the importance  of such educational webinars, he congratulated the organisers for their successful  efforts. 

In the end, Prof. Yuvraj Singh thanked all the participants and dignitaries for making  this program a great success.

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