Rang de Basanti

Association of civil engineering students (ACES) organized a Fun event named “RANG DE BASANTI”. It was an online reel submission event. This event was conducted on 5th & 6th February 2022.

It had 45 registrations and 27 responses from participants.

Event Details –
It was a reel-making event. This event was categorized into 3 parts. The participant could make reels on any of the following categories –

  1. Kite making: – They can make handmade Kites with their unique ideas and send us a video or picture of them.
  2. Food Mania: – They can make food as per theme and click its pictures or make a video while making it.
  3. Dress up: – They can dress up as per theme and can add their pictures in reels.

The submissions were done via Google form.

Best Entries
Category Name Branch Year URN
Kite making Sakshi Kumari Civil D1 2104050
Dress up Nisha Goyal ECE D2 2032005
Food mania Raj Gupta Civil D1 2114047
Kite Making
Dress up
Food Mania
Consolation winner's
Category Name Branch Year URN
Kite making Piyush Kumar Civil D1 2103987
Sandeep Kumar Civil D1 2103997
Tanya Raj Civil D2 2004486
Prishti Civil D1 2104046
Dress up Anshika Sinha Civil D2 2004404
Divyanshu Rana Civil D2 2004422
Vanshika Chaudhary IT D3 1905412
Food mania Sharanjit Singh Civil D3 1904922
Awaljot Kaur B.Arch D2 2026514
Gauri Luthra B.Arch D2 2026517

Sr. no

Name Year URN


Mehakdeep Singh Sandhu D3 1904884
2 Sarvanshdeep Singh Sahota D3 1914917
3 Sarabjeet D3 1904916
4 Shiv Pratap Dubey D3 1904925
5 Ritik Dogra D3 1904903
6 Sharanjit Singh D3 1904922
7 Sidhant Jindal D3 1904930
8 kshitiz Kumar D2 2004443
9 Gurpinder singh D2 2004426
10 Nabeel Farooqui D2 2004449
11 Smriti Sharma D2 2004481
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