Skillenzia, an online event organised by Association of Civil Engineering  Students for the students of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College. The aim  of this competition wasto enhance the creative skills, artistic skills, technical  skills, ability to work & thinking capacity. The event held from 10th April 2021  to 17th April 2021. It was a submission type event and submissions were  accepted through / moodle.

The event consists of three categories –

  1. Meme-O-mania
  2. Pixel ‘21
  3. VID ‘21

The Topics of the event were:

  • Meme-O-mania – Online classes
  • Pixel ’21 – Reflection
  • VID ’21- Sustainable development

The event was judged by Prof. Yuvraj Singh. The event was conducted  successfully even in the online event. So, with the current state of things  prompting colleges to digitally engage their students in virtual events. A  number of students showed interest in the event by registering in the event  of skillenzia. Winners were honored with appreciation certificate and the  participants with participation certificates.

Position Name Branch CRN
1st Kunwardeep Singh IT 2021138
2nd Sharanjit Kaur CE 1914150
3rd Sahil Sharma CSE 2015120
Position Name  Branch  CRN 
1st Ketan Singh CE 1814061
2nd Gurkirat Singh CE 2014024
3rd Kunwardeep Singh IT 2021138
Sr. No. Name  Year  CRN
1 Nikhil  D2  1914079
2 Saurav Sagar  D2  1914102
3 Khushmeet Kaur  D2  1914064
4 Karamjeet Kaur  D2  1914062
5 Ananya Verma  D2  1914124
6 Prateek Kant  D2  1914083
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